The presiding deity in the sanctum sanctorum of Dakshina Mookambika temple at N.Paravur is Bala Parameswari, the daughter of Lalitha Parameswari.

    She is aged only nine and she showed her bravery in the battle with Bhandasura who was born out of the ashes of Kamadeva. Lalitha Parameswari who is the mother of Bala Parameswari emerged from the fire (Chidagnikunda), When the Devas headed by Indra worshiped the goddess for getting protection from Bhandasura. Lalitha Parameswari in her Chariot, Sree Chakra moved for the battle and she was assisted by Mathangi (Manthrini) and Varahi (Dandanatha). Mahaganapathi was also born when the vighnayanthra stopped the movement of the soldiers and he threw the Yenthra so as to proceed in the battle (Kameswari- Lalitha came face to face with Kameswara-Siva; this union gave birth to Mahaganapathi).



Devi Mookambika